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What Makes Aperol Unique

Understand the flavours behind Aperol’s unique, refreshingly bittersweet taste


It’s the precise blending of unique ingredients that give Aperol its sophisticated and well-rounded character that we know and love. At its heart are the special extracts of herbs, citrus fruits and roots, that are superbly balanced to awaken and hypnotise our senses.


To further the Aperol magic, this iconic liquid is crafted over many months, resulting in a flavour and colour we love, from the first enticing sip to the final bittersweet after-taste. No wonder the recipe is a well-guarded secret!


We know that you are drinks specialists, so let’s get into detail:



Perfume of orange peel with hints of herbs and roots sweetened by a touch of vanilla



An intense orange on the surface with pleasantly bittersweet herbal and woody notes



Velvety and rounded with reflections of intense orange and wood



Lasting, pleasant bittersweet after-taste with hints of herbs