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Aperol Spritz, Together Again FAQS

Frequently asked questions

About the Campaign

1. What is “Aperol Spritz, Together Again”?

The Aperol Spritz, Together Again campaign celebrates the joy of reconnection as bars, pubs and restaurants reopen. The campaign offers up to 100,000 refunds at a value of £8 to those that upload a valid receipt showing they have purchased a minimum of 2 Aperol Spritz between 12th April and 31st August 2021. 

In other words, simply order a pair of Aperol Spritz to re-connect with a friend or family member and one of them is on us! 

2. How will it work?

In order to secure your “Aperol Spritz, Together Again” redemption, you’ll need to follow the simple steps below:

  1. REGISTER: Register here, enter your details and submit. You’ll receive a confirmation email to let you know you’ve secured your ‘Aperol Spritz, Together Again’ redemption…Congratulazioni!
  1. RECONNECT: Visit any bar nationwide serving Aperol Spritz with a friend or loved one between 12.04.2021-31.08.2021, purchase and enjoy X2 Aperol Spritz and keep your itemised receipt. Keeping your receipt is crucial to make sure we can validate your claim. Salute!
  1. REDEEM: Click the link in the previously received confirmation email, enter your details and select your preferred refund choice (UK bank account or PayPal), then upload your itemised receipt clearly showing X2 Aperol Spritz and submit. Easy!

Don’t forget, if you’d like to donate a portion of your £8 refund to the Shaken Not Broken Fund (helping frontline bar staff impacted by the pandemic) select the value you wish to donate at this stage. Grazie!

Once you’ve submitted your claim, it will be reviewed within three working days. 

If your claim is successful you will receive your £8 refund into your bank or PayPal account within 7-10 days.

3. How many refunds will you be giving away? And what is the value of each refund? 

Up to 100,000 redemptions will be available at the value of £8 each. Don’t forget that for each redemption to be valid an itemised receipt will need to be uploaded showing x2 Aperol Spritz.

4. When will the offer be available from?

The offer will be available from the 12th April when outdoor areas of bars and restaurants re-open. If the re-opening date changes due to government regulation, then the offer will be available from the new re-opening date.

5. Where is the offer available?

The offer will be available nationwide (excluding Scotland) at any bar serving Aperol Spritz. You must retain your copy of a valid, itemised receipt.

6. How will it work for bars and restaurants? Do I need to do anything differently?

You or the bars will not be required to do anything differently to the usual transaction method. Just make sure to ask for an itemised receipt showing X2 Aperol Spritz, regardless of your payment method! This is crucial to make sure we can validate your claim.

7. Is there a limit on the number of times I can redeem?

Yes, the offer is valid for one redemption per person. The redemption will be verified by name, email upon registration and UK bank account/PayPal details and time & date on the receipt on submission. Once you have redeemed the Aperol Spritz, Together Again offer once (X2 Aperol Spritz), you will not be able to receive another refund.

8. If I order more than x2 Aperol Spritz, will I still be eligible and receive more than £8?

The offer is valid for X2 Aperol Spritz and is fixed at £8 per refund. If you exceed this amount of Aperol Spritz, we will still only refund you for X2 Aperol Spritz. For example, if you order X4 Aperol Spritz, you will still receive only £8 back.

9. What is the minimum value of the receipt? Will this matter?

Yes, the value of X2 Aperol Spritz should not be lower than £10. If the value is lower than £10, the claim will not be validated. This is done to prevent double discounting, please see more info below.

10. Are there any other exceptions to a redemption being valid?

Yes, the receipts uploaded will be checked to avoid double discounting. Any claim that shows a discount has already been applied on the X2 Aperol Spritz purchased will not be valid.

For example, if the bar you purchase your Aperol Spritz from is promoting a ‘£3 off offer’, the refund will not be validated since you are already receiving a discount. Sorry!

11. Are any bars and restaurants excluded?

Bars and restaurants that do not serve Aperol Spritz will naturally also be excluded as the offer will not be valid without a minimum of X2 Aperol Spritz on the itemised receipt.

Unfortunately bars and restaurants in Scotland are excluded due to legislation. You can find more details here: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/asp/2005/16/schedule/3/crossheading/irresponsible-drinks-promotions

12. How quickly will the refund be received?

If the offer is valid, you will receive a refund into your bank or PayPal account within 7-10 days or earlier if possible. If you have opted to donate to the Shaken Not Broken fund, the refund will go to the Shaken Not Broken fund instead.

13. What shall I do if I haven’t received my registration email?

You will receive a registration email only for your first valid registration. If it is your first registration please double check all your email folders, as sometimes the email may go to the junk folder. You will need a registration email to be able to make a claim. Please contact us using the details below for any further information. 

About Shaken not Broken

14. What is the Shaken Not Broken fund?

Campari UK launched the Shaken Not Broken Fund in April 2020, in collaboration with The Drinks Trust and TiPJAR to support key front-line hospitality workers during the COVID-19 pandemic – from bartenders and servers, to bar staff, dishwashers and managers.

Founded with an initial £100,000 donation from Campari UK, the business has given on-going support as the crisis has continued.

15. How does the fund support hospitality workers?

The Drinks Trust administers the funds to those who need them, focusing on three key areas:
• Financial assistance
• Educational grants, for those looking to train and increase their employment opportunities post COVID-19
• Wellbeing grants

16. How do I donate my refund to Shaken Not Broken?

If you would like to donate some of your refund to the Shaken Not Broken fund, you can do so by selecting the relevant option on the redemption page and choosing how much you would like to donate. 

Other Enquiries

If we’ve not answered your question above please do get in touch.

For enquiries related to your refund claim please email our Promotional Partner (Valassis) directly at wecare@valassis.co.uk

For all other enquiries please email team@aperolspritzsocials.com

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