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Celebrate National Prosecco Day with Aperol

An Aperol Spritz just wouldn’t be an Aperol Spritz without that 50/50 mix of Aperol and official prosecco.

But what is prosecco and what makes it so special among sparkling wines? Similar to champagne, official prosecco is produced in a designated region between Veneto and Fruili in Italy. Within this region, there are two smaller designated areas, Conegliano and Valdobbiadene which specialise in the production of the Italy’s favourite sparkling wine.


It’s made of the prosecco (or Glera) grape, and the wine gets its fizz from a second fermentation where it’s placed in a pressure tank with yeast and sugar. Prosecco is usually aged for about six months, and should be enjoyed within a couple of years of purchase.

There are three types of prosecco – spumante, or sparkling; frizzante, or semi-sparkling; and tranquillo, a still variety that’s rarely produced. For the perfect Aperol Spritz you’ll need a sparkling prosecco – and that’s what will be in our Aperol Spritz as we toast to National Prosecco Day on the 13th August.

Every year we do something a little bit special to raise a glass on this special day, so check back in to see how you can celebrate with us!

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