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Toasting Together Since 1919

1919: The Birth of an Italian Icon



With its warm orange glow and refreshing bittersweet taste, Aperol has been the drink of togetherness for more than a century. After seven years’ hard work and experimentation by the Barbieri brothers, Luigi and Silvio, they have kept the original recipe a secret to this day.


With its iconic orange hue and unique, refreshing flavour, the Aperol Spritz quickly became the drink of choice for friends gathering together in the early evening, it’s no surprise it’s Italy’s No.1 selling cocktail!


The Aperol Spritz remains to this day, one of the most famous cocktails in the world and is at the heart of modern social culture. With its origins laying in the “Venetian Spritz”, a cocktail created for soldiers of the Austrian empire who preferred their drink of choice watered down with seltzer, it seems only natural for Aperol Spritz to be perfectly partnered with prosecco and soda water, a match have in heaven, or should we say, Italy!